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mdm series
digital trunking gateway
technical parameters
typical application
embedded design, standard 1u chassis.
supports incoming calls on the pstn line. after routing and number change, the specified sip trunk is connected for voice communication.

no. 7 signaling supports the 14/24 bit code standard, supports traffic sharing between links and link groups, and supports multiple destination signaling point codes.

supports incoming calls on the ip line. after routing and number change, the specified pcm relay is connected for voice communication.

supports number change, caller id, and pstn/voip routing path.

supports audio codec formats g.711a, g.711u, and g.729a/b.

support dtmf mode rfc2833, sip info, inband.

supports signaling 7 (tup), isup, isdn (user side, network side), sip v2.0.

supports network protocols such as tcp/udp, http, arp/rarp, dns, ntp, tftp, telnet, and stun.

support static ip address modification, dns domain name resolution.

support administrator authentication to ensure the security of resources and data.

web-based ping testing can be performed.

you can modify the configuration, gateway services, kernel, and firmware upgrades through the web interface.

the syslog type supports error, warning, info, debug.

technical parameters
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