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mdd series
digital phone recording equipment
technical parameters
typical application
standalone supports 4/8/16/32 line digital subscriber line recording.
redundant power supplies are supported, hot-swappable, and 2u and higher devices support dual power supplies and dual hard disks.
supports multiple speech coding formats such as g.711a and adpcm.
supports automatic gain adjustment (agc).
supports upstream and downstream one-way recording or mixed upstream and downstream recordings for each channel.
user phone button to receive.
supports receiving the called and called numbers.
supports real-time monitoring, audio output interface, real-time monitoring of calls.
call/mute detection.
supports tone monitoring.
support digital telephone disconnection fault detection.
provides a secondary development programming interface to facilitate users to implement various recording and playback operations.
technical parameters
industry application:
public inspection methods, customs, industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection, drug administration, technical supervision bureau, etc. bank, insurance, securities and other key departments recording monitoring. dispatching department: commanding and dispatching center for aviation, electric power, railway, petroleum, port and traffic. telephone service department work quality monitoring system. front desk reception, power dispatching, traffic dispatching, hospital and other telephone recordings of key production positions. telemarketing companies, consulting companies, training institutions, etc. government departments and enterprises and institutions telephone recording forensics. alarm, complaint phone (like 12315). report supervisory hotline recording.
typical networking:
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