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mic series
medium call center

ivr voice navigation

freely customize unlimited levels of welcome words, which can be changed at any time according to business needs.
different ivr voice menus are set up/down and workdays/holidays.
develop a special ivr process for caller numbers.
combination of voice navigation, order management, and membership management.

squad leader function
monitor, intercept, insert, and demolish.
mandatory checkout, forced busting, and forced
set up and manage the permissions of the personnel in your team.

seat function
incoming, outgoing, grab, and transfer.
show busy, show idle, check in, check out.
three-way calling and recording inquiry.
customer data entry and query functions.
seat permissions settings, multi-level rights management.

customer management

completely customize customer information and adjust the display of customer information.
users with different roles can see different information about the customer.
support to shield customers' phone numbers and
protect company resources.
support fuzzy query, custom multi-condition query.

customer complaints
customize the complaint information.
handling of complaints by designated handlers.
complaints are set to schedule reminders.

sales order
product classification, product management.
add or delete customer orders.
the caller plays the screen to display the customer's order information.
order status setting and management.

call screen

the system automatically pops up the corresponding customer data, history records and call recordings
according to the caller number.
supports multiple phone numbers for customers.
any incoming call can be automatically identified.
play screen hides or displays the customer's phone
the content of the screen can be selected. you can
choose to pop up customer data or work order data or other options.

satisfaction survey
supports automatic satisfaction surveys and manual
satisfaction surveys.
satisfaction survey inquiry.

recording and inquiry
all recordings and partial recordings can be set.
you can set the recording file compression format
and compression ratio.
you can set recording viewing rights.
collect and summarize call records, statistical analysis of agent traffic.
fuzzy query, custom multi-condition call records.

acd automatic traffic distribution

attendants automatically allocate acds for
automatic traffic.
call forwarding or round-robin transfer.
the incoming call goes to the filtered blacklist.
supports group mode, where one group can be
accessed by one or more agents.
when no one answers, the designated seat will be
transferred to the designated seat.
the customer's incoming call is queued for music
call transfer: no one answers or is busy automatically leaving a message or switching to a mobile phone.
automatically switch to a mobile phone or a mobile phone group on holidays or after work.
different ivr, acd strategies for different outside
regional transfer: automatically transfer different
seats according to customers in different regions.

outbound call management
prohibit or allow specified agent outbound calls.
manually call through the telephone.
automatically call after the mouse clicks on the
phone number.
use outside line in order of outgoing call or round
outbound route: different agents and agents use
different external calls.
outbound routing: outbound or incoming calls use
different lines and can also be used together.
support ip telephony.
support click on the customer's phone number, automatically determine whether long-distance, whether
you need to add an ip card number.

telephone conference

add or delete conference room.
the administrator initiates the conference.
invite attendees who need to attend the meeting.


supports single and group sms.
support sms template.
support click on the customer's phone number to send text messages.

statistical report
traffic volume daily report/weekly report/monthly
satisfaction report.
customer statistics analysis.

call performance analysis
connection rate / call rate / busy rate / call loss analysis / ivr key statistics.

safely control

function operation permission control.
data access control.

real time monitoring
operator operation log records.
real-time monitoring of line and agent login status.
call waiting queue monitoring.

authority management
agent rights management.
custom field management.
different permissions for different roles are set, and the accuracy of the permissions is accurate to the field level.
page layout settings.

automatic call

support batch import of customer data book system through excel or txt text format.
edit and set the outbound call plan. after the call is answered, the call is transferred to the seat. after the call is connected, the voice is automatically played.
automatically filter invalid numbers such as space numbers.
group outbound calls. each group can set up outbound call numbers and outbound call lines, and specify answering seats, etc.
assign outgoing calls to idle seats only, and do not assign them to busy or separated seats.
set the ratio of the agent to the outside line to automatically maintain the balance between the number of outgoing calls and the number of landing agents.
make repeated calls to the specified number.
automatically start the service and close the service at the specified time.


schedule reminder and distribution, single or periodic reminder settings.
customer's follow-up plan is transferred to the schedule reminder.
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