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mdy series
mixed recording equipment
product description
mdy is mingdao's integrated recording system, providing customers with a full range of recording solutions. mdy adopts c/s (client/server) architecture, set analog recording, relay recording, digital telephone recording, ip recording on a single device, providing customers with convenient and effective recording services.
technical parameters
typical application
friendly interface and easy operation
mdy full range of recording products using full chinese visual graphical interface, the system work status at a glance, easier to use.
strict security mechanism
mdy series recording system has multi-level password settings, according to the user level to assign the appropriate permissions, strict prohibition of unauthorized operation. at the same time, the system automatically saves legal operation information to the system log for query.
excellent recording effect
mdy series recording system automatically adjusts the gain during recording to ensure that the volume of both sides of the call is basically balanced. at the same time, it uses the industry's most advanced voice compression technology to ensure high fidelity sound effects for playback recordings.
diverse backup mechanism
for all saved recording information, the system can use hard disk image backup, cd backup, tape backup, etc. to ensure that the data will never be lost.
digital recording storage function
all recording information is digitally processed and stored on the hard disk in a unified manner, thereby avoiding the disadvantages of the traditional audio tapes such as moisture, magnetization, and wear.
intelligent disk space management
the system implements a smart circular writing disk. when the remaining recording space reaches the preset value, the system automatically deletes the oldest invalid file, and no personnel maintenance is required.
easy and fast file search
the operator can quickly query the corresponding recording file by inputting various conditions such as channel number, call date, call time, calling number, and called number.
practical off-site playback
in addition to being able to query playback locally, the mdy series recording system can also perform remote inquiries via the internet and telephone. cd backup files can even be automatically played on any multimedia computer.
flexible playback modes
the user can play one or more selected voice files in turn, and can also mix multiple voices simultaneously. during the playing process, operations such as pause, fast forward, rewind, and zone play can also be performed, and the time and other information of the call at the same time can be displayed synchronously.
provide a variety of professional interface options
mdy full range of recording products can support ordinary analog telephone lines, digital telephone lines, china no. 1, china no. 7 and isdn digital lines, wireless communication lines. at the same time provide a variety of voltage control, code control, voice control, serial control, cti interface control and other startup modes, but also can customize the control interface according to user needs.
reliable performance and easy maintenance
mdy full range of recording products using windows network operating system, c / s structure design, dual hard disk image backup (optional), the system is highly stable and reliable.
technical parameters
company information
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