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voicemail features
pbx features
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voicemail features
there is no need to load any additional hardware and boards, and each user can have their own dedicated voicemail.
at the same time, the voicemail is protected by a password, and only the owner who has the mailbox password extracts and operates the voicemail.
message prompt
when there is a new message in the voice mailbox, the system will send standard mwi signaling to the extension terminal used by the user, and alert the user with a new message in the form of indicator light, play dial tone, and the like.
voicemail into email
users can bind personal voicemails to email addresses. when a message is added to the user's voice mailbox, his email mailbox will receive a voice file with the same content. it is convenient for users to listen to this message using the most commonly used media player tools such as windows media player, mp3 player, and realplayer.
voicemail forwarding
users can forward messages in their own voicemail to other users.
extension personalized voice response
the user can record a personalized voice response of the voice mailbox using his own voice, thereby avoiding monotonous and intimacy caused by using the system's unified voice prompt.
what the customer hears is not the same sound as the one-size-fits-all cold program, but the answer of your own voice, providing the customer with a cordial greeting interface and increasing the probability of the customer's message.
voicemail callback
after a user listens to a message in his/her own voice mailbox, he or she can press a single button to directly call the message user's phone without having to type another number.

pbx features
automatic switchboard
instruct the incoming callers to transfer themselves to their desired extension. the incoming caller can also leave a message to the personal voicemail or public mailbox via the system's concise voice prompts. the easy-to-read voice prompts provided by the system tell you how to operate at each stage.
call forwarding
the caller can forward an existing call to a third party.
default transfer
the extension can be set to forward call forwarding. when busy, no answer, and unanswered, the incoming call is forwarded to voice mail or another number (internal or external).
call hold
the user can temporarily suspend a call that is in progress, play back background music at the same time and keep the other party from being hung up, and can pick up again later.
call buffer
the user may temporarily suspend a call that is in progress, play back background music at the same time and keep the other party from being hung up, and may reconnect later or notify the third party to pick up.
call records
in the web interface, all the call records of extensions, extensions and external calls can be provided, and local downloads can be provided.
long distance lock
after this function is enabled, only authorized employees can use the password authentication for outside calls to effectively control the company's telephone costs, especially for long distances.
call recording
recording of system calls to track the team's service quality. including: automatic recording: web interface can be set whether you need to control all calls to a device,
go to the recording.
manual recording: during the call, the user can start a subsequent call recording by pressing a specific key according to his own needs, end the call or press a specific key to stop recording.
direct inward call (did)
incoming calls can be directly transmitted to specific extensions without the need to switch over the switchboard.
call pickup
according to the setting, the user can pick up the incoming call of another extension in the same group that is ringing on his own extension.
multi-party call
in the process of a call, a third party may be invited to participate in the call by dialing to achieve simultaneous three-party calling.
group ring
the extensions of some users can be grouped into one group. when an incoming call dials the group number, all the idle states in the group ring at the same time. any one can pick up the call, and other extensions stop ringing after picking up.
applicable to the company's customer service, sales, technical support and other important departments, have this feature, you can hear the customer's phone in the first time, provide intimate services, win customers praise and loyalty.
business one pass
users can bind their own extensions to mobile phones, home phones, and more. when there is a phone call to the extension number, the mobile phone or fixed phone that is bound to it will ring, and either end can be picked up and other devices stop ringing. users can answer their office calls anytime, anywhere. after receiving the call from the outside, such as a mobile phone, you can also use the keys of the mobile phone to send an operation command such as call forwarding or three-way calling to the ipbx.
for business, technology, and management personnel who often need to go out, this feature is very practical and can be answered anytime, anywhere. even if they are not in the office, they will not miss important calls. at the same time, they do not need to disclose private numbers such as mobile phones to protect the privacy of users.
unlike the business one pass, when a ring-by-ring connection is enabled, when an incoming call calls the extension number, the phone or fixed phone that is bound to it will ring in the order in which it was configured. after either end picks up the call, that is, stop number polling.
disa (outside)
employees of the company call the switchboard through the pstn and can dial the outside line after entering the authorization password.
for employees who need to use the disa function frequently, caller binding can be done, eliminating the trouble of entering the password every time.
time-based services
different auto answering service processes are set according to different times and times, for example, providing the caller with a greeting language other than office hours on weekends, holidays, or evenings.
conference call

conference bridge

without any additional hardware facilities, the system can provide a conference call bridge. as a virtual conference room for holding conferences, participants attend the conference room and call the conference room in turn to enter the conference room to participate in the conference. participants can be internal extension users or external users.
enterprises have their own conference bridge, can hold a conference call at any time, save travel and spending, more importantly, save valuable time, set up the most effective and convenient communication bridge, to maximize business efficiency.

multiple meeting rooms

an ipbx system can accommodate multiple conference bridges at the same time; the capacity of the conference room can be flexibly selected.

conference recording

the system conference bridge provides a recording function, which facilitates the recording of meetings and is complete and clear.

conference room set aside

active participants can call the conference room to invite others to attend the conference.

1, remote extension

the company's switchboard can be used not only for the office, but also for branch offices, offices, etc. in other places, and the cost of communication can be reduced to zero. it can also be used at home or on business trips, carry extensions, and have mobile offices.

2. extension carrying

when employees leave their seats to other locations, they can set their phones to carry mode and specify a carrying target. after that, all phones dialed into the original phone will be transferred to the target phone at the same time until the carry setting is cancelled.

3, difference ringing

according to the type of incoming call, it can be dialed by an outside line, dialed by an extension, or the extension carries a different ringing tone (this feature requires support from the phone terminal).

4, web management

the user-friendly management interface based on web provides the easiest and most effective management tool for ipbx systems.

5, one-button system maintenance

the system provides one-button backup and recovery mechanisms to facilitate administrators' maintenance of the system.

6, personal assistant

based on web's personal personality management interface, the user's extension for the call set management, voice message management, fax management.

7, personalized voice response

up to 5 different personalized sound files can be recorded in advance; and the user can freely select one of them as a personalized response for the call to enter a voice message according to the actual situation.

8, paperless fax

there is no longer any need for a real fax machine or paper. a regular phone can simulate the sending and receiving actions of a fax machine, and supports the ability to send and receive preview fax documents.
save the received fax as a pdf, and the user can use the personal assistant page to inquire or inform the user by email.

send a fax file with the suffix pdf format through the personal assistant page.
9. unified management of member phones

allow a member (or person) to have multiple phones.
message to any phone at the same time, other phones have mwi light prompts.
listen to the message with any phone at the same time. the other mwi lights are off (in the absence of a new message).

calls to members at the same time, all phones take effect immediately.
10, automatically configure the hair

for some advanced phones that support auto provision function, the system supports automatic distribution of registered account information and other related configuration files.

11, instant messaging

support friends file chat, file transfer, voice and video communications, remote collaboration, etc.; very friendly integration of instant messaging and desktop phones, to facilitate the unified office of business users.

12, remote intelligent escape terminal

branch offices or remote users can use all the functions of the central system through the local remote intelligent escape terminal; the remote intelligent escape terminal (tbox) can still provide basic internal communication and perform local lines when a remote and central network fails. external communication function.

13, advanced routing

the system supports two modes of department routing and member (or person) routing, which greatly reduces the system
routing maintenance difficulty:

department route: this route is shared by all members (or people) under the department to avoid duplicate definitions.
member route: this route is exclusively owned by this member. that is, the system supports the definition of a special route rule for a member (members use either department route or member route).


ippbx 配备 ip 和 pstn 中继出口,可同时享有来自传统电信商或 voip运营商的外线接入服务,充分享受作为上帝的感觉,还可根据通话费用等因素自由选择外线路由,最大限度节约企业通讯费用。




支持虚拟机部署,降低 it 投资成本,提高维护效率。

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