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technical parameters
typical application
when the connection is used, a single card can provide up to 16 digital trunks. when using monitoring, the single card provides 8 pairs of (two-way monitoring) digital trunks.
without the dsp module, it supports up to 16e1 ss7, isdn, ss1 acquisition, supports 480 channels of fsk communication, for data transmission, supports a full range of different kernel linux, win series operating systems, multi-card cascade. with different number of dsp modules, different channels can be used for voice recording and playback operations, high-speed signaling acquisition and output, power-off control, sms interception, voice recording output, multi-party conference calls, etc. each e1 time slot can be used. configured into different signaling formats, voice channels, and data channels. ss7 supports 64k and 2m high-speed links and supports 1 to 31 arbitrary signaling time slots. ss7 supports protocols such as mtp3, tup, isup, and tacp. it supports 14-bit and 24-bit point codes, and can be used in combination with multiple cards and multiple cards, and can complete the processing of multiple no. 7 signaling links. support multi-link working mode to meet the needs of users' pure data services. can support sigtran protocol, provide m3ua development interface. isdn supports protocols such as pri-isdn clusters and q.sig. ss1 supports cas, line sied, clearchannel and other protocols. the backplane can be configured with an ip module that supports up to 256 lines of sip voice access processing capability. maximum support for 496 channels of 64k hdlc reception. supports 480-line conference calls and supports hybrid access of sip and relay conferences. each channel has its own independent conference resource and can be configured to any voice channel. the backplane can accommodate up to four db1200 modules for high-speed signaling access. supports 32/64-channel soft fax resources. support standard h.100 bus, which can be interconnected with third-party devices that support this bus.
technical parameters
typical application:
(1) large-scale enterprise call centers; (2) exchange call center post ivr function; (3) voice gateways and signaling gateways; (4) color value, color ring tones and other voice value-added services; (5) data acquisition, voice monitoring system; (6) conference calls, multi-party communications; (7) add automatic equipment monitoring business.

digital trunk voice card application topology:

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