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technical parameters
typical application
uses the pci bus and complies with the pci2.2 standard protocol.
the single card supports 32-line analog telephone/voice access, which is the largest in domestic similar products. the voice codec supports g.711 a/u rate, ima adpcm codec, and automatic gain adjustment. caller identification supports both fsk and dtmf cid modes, and the acceptance rate is not less than 99.9%. support dtmf detection, adjustable sensitivity. provide real-time monitoring function, built-in op amp, external active speaker for real-time monitoring. support multi-channel mixed recording. support real-time detection of signals. call progress monitoring, call, mute detection. the maximum capacity of a single machine is 10 cards, which means that a single machine can achieve 320 simultaneous recordings.

technical parameters
industry application:
(1) enterprise and community call center recording systems; (2) military, power, coal production and other scheduling systems; (3) recording of field equipment such as bank pickups; (4) radio recordings.

analog recording card application network diagram:

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