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technical parameters
typical application
the main called information receiving function.
the single card has 2/4/8/16 high-impedance multiplexed input channels to monitor the uplink and downlink signals of 1/2/4/8 e1 ports. supports three recording modes: incoming one-way recording, outgoing one-way recording, and incoming and outgoing mixed recording. supports automatic gain control (agc). supports standard or custom dtmf signal/single audio signal detection call/mute detection. the card is equipped with a lightning protection circuit that complies with the telecommunications standard to ensure that it is not damaged by lightning strikes. a single card supports a maximum of 496 low-speed 64kbps signaling accesses, supports 16 high-speed 2mbps signaling accesses, and supports 16 high-speed n*64kbps signaling accesses. it can be configured to collect 64k ss7, 2m ss7, hdlc, and transparent data stream. it can collect the direct connection and the collimated link of the ss7 fixed network and the a interface, b interface,
c interface, d interface, e interface, g interface and pstn of the mobile network all ss7 signaling links in the sc short message center and other interfaces. support china ss7 related protocols: mtp, mtup, tup, isup, sccp, tcap, map, bssmap, bssomap, dtap, inap, cap. flexible configuration of signaling links and e1. each e1 has an independently adjusted gain amplification and can adjust the signal according to the actual line conditions.
technical parameters
industry application:
(1) mobile network data collection; (2) large-capacity e1 relay recording system.

digital relay recording card application network diagram:

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