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mda series
analog gateway
technical parameters
typical application
carrier-class reliability
supports fault detection and network management alarms.

low power consumption and high integration.

support three levels of lightning protection standards.

supports over-voltage over-voltage protection for pots interfaces.

smaller, higher-quality communications power supply with ripple protection, surge protection, power line bonding and other protections, stable output, high reliability, and instantaneous power-off protection are supported.

the use of shielded electromagnetic radiation characteristics of the chassis, the electromagnetic compatibility, rohs and other aspects of a professional design, can effectively shield all kinds of environmental electromagnetic interference.

transmission loss, loss frequency, nonlinear distortion, cross-talk attenuation, cross-over noise, and non-overlapped noises meet carrier-grade standards.

flexible and powerful functional strategies

support administrator login and password protection, with its own firewall function, can effectively prevent various network virus attacks and improve data security.

rich protocol support capabilities

supports sip, mgcp, and h248 protocols.

snmp network management protocol is supported to implement centralized network management, remote monitoring, and maintenance of devices.

supports t.30, t.38, and voice transparent transmission protocols to implement fax services on ip bearer networks.

supports rtp/rtcp protocol for real-time voice packet encapsulation and voice playback.

perfect business support capabilities

support voice, fax, modem business.

supports various voice basic services and supplementary services.

switch between ip phones and traditional pstn phones.

flexible access method
support ip line access.

support xdsl dial-up access.

supports cable modem access.

diversified management methods

support snmp-based remote centralized device network management.

support web-based device network management.

strong qos guarantee.

supports ipv4-based tos and diffserv services to ensure voice priority.

supports ieee802.1p, ieee802.1q.

multi-parameter adjustable

can be adjusted to include feed voltage, loop current, ringing voltage, long lines, short lines, impedance parameters, and more.
advanced speech processing technology
supports itu-t g.711a/u, g.729, g.723.1 and other voice encodings.

support voice activity detection (vad), effectively save network bandwidth resources.

supports comfort noise generation (cng).

support echo cancellation, index can reach 128ms.

supports adaptive dynamic buffering technology.

supports packet loss compensation technology.

supports dtmf generation/detection.

support caller number detection and display.

supports dtmf in-band, sipinfo, and rfc2833 transmission technologies.

supports flexible input/output gain control.

support 1:1 power escape function.

supports one machine double number function.

technical parameters
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