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mdr series
digital relay recording equipment
technical parameters
typical application
supports linux operating system.
the single-system supports a maximum of 64e1 recording and provides 128e1 interfaces. it supports signaling signals such as no. 7, no. 1, and isdn, and can be flexibly configured according to user requirements.
supports multiple voice compression formats, such as adpcm, pcm, gsm, g.729a, g.726, amr, etc. provide high compression rate, the current system maximum compression rate 1kb/s.
the system has an automatic synchronization and dual backup function to effectively provide voice data security.
it can completely detect and record all outgoing calls and caller id numbers.
directional discrimination, you can determine the direction of the call, such as inbound or outbound.
supports unified network management.
through the network development interface, you can query and play recording files according to the channel number, time, phone number, call duration, call notes, and other combinations of operators, support various development platforms, and conduct effective information exchange with other systems.
the device can automatically alarm for errors, over-operation or insufficient hard disk storage. it is equipped with multiple network interfaces to ensure the smooth transmission of data and support remote maintenance and upgrade.
technical parameters
industry application:
service hotline telephone recording; complaint telephone recording; call center recording; banking recording; court forensics; public security alarm telephone recording; insurance recording; corporate office recording; power, railway, transportation, aviation, hotel, mining scheduling recording.
typical networking:
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