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product warranty policy

definition: the “warranty start date” mentioned in this policy refers to (1) the date of delivery of the product from zhejiang medou communication technology co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “medou communication”) or the certification of agents through medou communication. the products purchased by distributors shall be on the date of purchase as indicated on the product warranty card and official sales invoice, and this date shall be no later than 90 days after medou communication delivers. if an effective product warranty card and formal sales invoice cannot be issued, the warranty start date of the product will be calculated as (1) the date the product was delivered from medou communication production.


the warranty period of medou communication products shall be within days of the start date of the warranty period.

. the hardware warranty period and warranty service are based on the terms of the contract signed by medou communication. the minimum period of the basic warranty of medou communication products is not less than 12 months. the standard warranty period of products is detailed in the following table (1). under the conditions of normal use described in the product specification, the hardware or technical problems occur during the warranty period. the basic warranty service provided by medou communication upon application is the return service. the cycle is 30 days after medou communication received the equipment.

medou communication has the right to decide whether to repair or replace the faulty parts. if it is replaced, the replacement parts may be new equipments, repairs or replacements with the same category and function, and the faults replaced shall belong to medou communication.

the repaired or replaced equipment shall be warranted within three months from the date of the original warranty period or from the date of shipment of the repaired or replacement parts from medou communication, whichever is longer.

table (1): product standard warranty period

product series

standard warranty period


hard disk

management platform


recording equipment



call center machine

recording card

voice card

distribution channel products

power supply,cables accessories

2 years

2 years

2 years

1 years

1 years

1 years

1 years

1 years

1 years

1 years

3 months

②. the software warranty period is 90 days. in accordance with the normal use of the product description, during the warranty period, the software does not meet the functional standards of the software described in the product specification, or the process or quality problems of the software media, medou communication free software replacement for the customer or repair software defects. for defective software, medou communication has the right to decide to use patch software for maintenance, provide upgrade software to replace it, or handle it in a refund manner.

③. the arrival of loss treatment. within 30 days from the start date of the warranty period, a device whose appearance is not damaged when the device is unpacked but a performance failure occurs within forty-eight (48) hours of installation is defined as the equipment that is damaged. "performance failure" means that the equipment cannot work as described in the product specification. (scratches or other defects that do not affect the function of the device are not included). after receiving the arrival loss report and verifying it, it will quickly replace the equipment or parts that have been damaged. the customer must return the faulty part to the designated location of medou communication within fifteen (15) working days after receiving the notice of the audit. medou communication will issue a new one within two (2) business days.

④.medou communication products in the use of any questions, can be consulted through the service hotline (0579-85216116).

2、hardware return flow

the customer must obtain the medou communication license before returning the fault, and the customer can contact medou communication through the customer service hotline. the costs related to the transportation of faulty parts back to medou shall be borne by the customer, and the cost of the repaired parts or replacement parts delivered to the customer shall be borne by medou communication. if medou communication detects that the "faulty parts" can work normally, medou communication has the right to require the customers to pay all related expenses; if medou communication decides that the repaired items do not meet the warranty conditions specified in this clause or exceed the warranty period, the customers payments must also be made at the cost of a single repair service, including the relevant transportation costs.

3、limitation of applicable warranty

①. medou communication assumes no warranty for the following conditions:

tearing or altering equipment labels, serial numbers, and anti-counterfeiting labels;

without the permission of medou communication, the device or hardware casing is opened or removed;

without the permission of medou communication, the hardware has been modified or replaced;

the product was not installed and used according to the method described in medou communication published manual;

damage caused by impact, fire, lightning strikes, flooding, human negligence and natural disasters or force majeure.

②. medou communication only provides the warranty service as stated in this policy or as stipulated in the terms of the contract signed by medou communication, and shall not be responsible for any content beyond the commitment made by any distributor or other authorized partner.

③. medou communication does not guarantee the customer data stored in its products or in other forms related to the products. the customer needs to be responsible for backing up the relevant data to prevent loss.

④. is not responsible for any ordinary, secondary, occasional or special damage. these losses include loss of recorded data, costs due to the recovery of lost data, loss of profits and the cost of dismantling and disassembling any product, the cost of installing and replacing products, and any inspections involved in repair or replacement activities caused by any defect in the product. test or redesign costs.

⑤. medou communication's warranty service does not include the installation of products.

⑥. accessories and consumables are not within the scope of the warranty, such as random manuals, power cords, cables, relay interface conversion boxes.

4、disclaimer and compensation

①. unless expressly stated in this article, medou communication does not provide any warranty or guarantee, express or implied, as to the merchantability and fitness for a particular use, and the guarantees and responsibilities arising from the transaction, application, and commercial interaction.

②. medou communication does not guarantee that its software is completely free of defects and does not guarantee that customers will not encounter any problems or interruptions when operating the software.

③. mingdao communication and it's partners or suppliers shall not be liable for the following warranty terms: the loss of data of the customer and any direct or indirect economic losses caused by the unusable equipment or business interruption. in any case, including explicit agreement through the form of a contract, etc., medou communication shall not exceed the maximum amount of compensation for customer losses caused by its liability more than the amount paid by the customer for purchasing the device.

④. zhejiang medou communication technology co., ltd. has the final interpretation right of this warranty policy. in the absence of notification to customers, medou communication has the right to make any necessary changes to all warranties, product performance and specifications.

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december 2017

service content and implementation standards

remote technical support services

medou communication has a customer service hotline to provide all-weather product technical consulting, failure reporting, hardware maintenance acceptance, training needs acceptance, and service policy consulting.

medou communication adopts a professional call center technology to respond to all incoming calls in real time. the technical engineer accepts faults in real time and records and tracks the services through professional and efficient it systems.

customer service hotline:

service phone:0579-85113688

the service is provided 365 days a year, monday to sunday, 24 hours a day.

medou communication service center will quickly respond to your service, so that your faulty parts can be repaired or replaced in time to ensure that your business will return to normal within the shortest time.

service method

service cycle

quick repair

quick change

issued within 5 working days of receipt of the fault

issued within the second working day after the service starts

as a customer who enjoys value-added services, when the fault can not be resolved by using an effective remote support method, medou will send dispatch engineers to the user's site to assist with on-site fault diagnosis and on-site troubleshooting.

once it is determined that it needs to go to the site, regardless of the failure level, the engineer will rush to the site according to the service level agreement.

failure level

p1 fault

p2 fault

p3 fault

p4 fault

fault diagnosis time

2 hours

24 hours

72 hours


when the distance cannot be diagnosed or the remote cannot guide the customer to resume the business, the engineer will be arranged to go to the site to assist in diagnosis.


1) there are agents city, can provide 4 hours of arrival service within 50 kilometers of driving range; can provide 2 hours of arrival service within 20 kilometers of driving range; other cities, medou communication dispatch engineers to take the fastest local public transportation tools rushed to the customer site.

2) medou communications will do its best to provide remote and on-site assistance to customers, but reserves the right to decide whether on-site support is required. the on-site arrival time promised to send an engineer to the site to start the calculation from the remote judgment.

3) customers who purchase basic maintenance services need on-site technical support and need to pay a separate fee.

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