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mdi series
ip recording equipment
technical parameters
typical application
provides an output interface for extracting voip-related (sip, etc.) packets from the ip stream for processing, such as recording information of both sides of a call (ip address or call number, call delay, call duration, hang-up time, etc.), voice data reassembly, and call voice synthesizers of both parties can enable ip classification functions (flow control such as tcp, udp, and rtp), and have the ability to query the running status of the device (receiving amount, discarded amount, correct rate of call recovery, etc.).

if the voip data is a conference call, the address information, joining time, and withdrawal time of the parties in the conference are recorded, and the voices of the parties are synthesized at the same time.

an adaptive gigabit ethernet port is provided. the recording file can be output to the management server through the network port without any obstacles. the device provides a large-capacity local hard disk, and the recording file can also be stored locally. provide ethernet packet capture mode settings (capture local ip stream or lan ip stream, need hub support).

stand-alone support up to 256 lines of ip voice, voice output wav format.

provide network-based secondary development interface, flexible and convenient operation.

the integrated industrial design solution is easy to install, saves space, provides external data interfaces, and supports remote maintenance and upgrades.
support local and remote monitoring, query, statistics and other functions.
the data adopts the latest compression method, which is about 5.8 megabits per hour per hour. that is, a 1g hard disk can be connected and recorded for about 170 hours.
automatically determine the incoming and outgoing calls.
the system starts automatically and automatically records all the details of the call process, including: incoming call number, outgoing phone number, call time, call content, etc.
synchronous with the phone's action, instant recording, automatically stored in the hard disk, automatically back up the recording file.
powerful ip query and statistics function can set multiple query conditions, which can be queried by line, inquired by phone number, inquired by outgoing call number, inquired by customer name, and searched by call time tone.
rights management, can set the operator's functional rights, including control, query, delete, statistics or set up a certain or a few lines of the query function.
some numbers can be set without recording, only recording or recording can be set, and recording time can be flexibly specified.
remote monitoring and inquiry of recording files can be performed synchronously with the main recording system via a local area network or the internet.
according to customer's line conditions, support for analog lines and ip lines through the central management software for unified management.
technical parameters
industry application:
service hotline telephone recording; complaint telephone recording; call center recording; banking recording; court forensics; public security alarm telephone recording; insurance recording; corporate office recording; power, railway, transportation, aviation, hotel, mining scheduling recording.
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