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simulated smart gateway
technical parameters
typical application
the system adopts a modular design, multiple access capabilities, and supports multiple access modes for analog, digital, wireless, and voip.

with recording
the gateway has its own recording and no need for extra recording equipment.

x86 platform, multi-service
the system adopts x86 architecture, based on mainstream operating systems, can carry gateways, ip pbxs, and call center services.

redundant design
dual hard drives, dual power supply design maximizes device stability.
supports 32 channels of fxo/fxs access and 32 channels of concurrency.
the internal use of modular design allows flexible combination of multiple media access.
support sip2.0 protocol.
256 routes and 256 number conversion rules.
dtmf format support: in-band/sip info/rfc2833.
speech codec g.711 (a_law/μ_law), g.723, g.726, g.729a, gsm, adpcm, ilbc, h263, h264.
t.38 fax, voice/fax automatic switching.
dual gigabit ethernet port redundancy.
provides lcd management, ready to grasp the system status, simple and easy to use.
double-disk redundancy backup effectively ensures system security.
dual power supply redundancy backup ensures reliable operation of the equipment.
provides level 4 lightning protection.
echo cancellation ec function.
with voice detection (vda).
with flow control technology comfort noise generation technology (cng).
based on b/s architecture maintenance management.
the network supports dhcp, static ip addresses and other methods to facilitate access to the network.
multi-level rights management, open different permissions for different accounts, so that the recorder's recording data more secure.
support calls to play screen.
support crm customer relationship management.
technical parameters
1、call center application:

the smart gateway is deployed as a call center integrated machine in the company's computer room. terminals such as pc, ip phone, and ip phone box are directly registered to the call center integrated machine through the lan or internet. the analog phone can call the fxs gateway to register with the call center integrated machine. free calls can be made between extensions.

smart gateway can flexibly select modules such as fxo/gsm/4g/e1 and support mixed allocation of modules to meet different customer outbound requirements.

2、ip-pbx application:

the smartgateway supports the deployment of ippbx, which can be used as a company's ip switch. the gateway can flexibly configure fxo/gsm/4g/e1 and other modules to support the mixing of modules; deployment, upgrade and expansion are very convenient, and can meet various customer requirements. personalized needs.

3、remote dispatch command application:

as a sip server, the smart gateway can connect to the radio station cluster gateway through the network and interconnect with the remote walkie-talkie.

4、gateway application:

smartgate supports fxo/fxs/gsm/4g/e1 modules, which can be used independently as fxo voice gateways, fxs voice gateways, wireless gateways, and relay gateways.

network diagram:

smart gateway.pdf
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