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central recording management platform
product description

the recording centralized management platform adopts b/s architecture and modular design to provide multi-level rights management, storage redundancy, voice encryption, recording data security, and other modules. it is fully clouded and flexible to meet the needs of cross-regional recording collaboration management, providing users with safe and reliable service experience.

platform features
the main function
platform parameters
typical application
platform features

unified management

mingdao centralized management platform enables companies to record all branches and conduct unified management, report output, multi-level authority settings, manageable data by role, and protect the privacy of data.


based on the latest scalable architecture for software design, whether it is a small-scale deployment in a single location or multi-department, multi-regional deployment, whether it is a private network user or a public network user, you can flexibly choose the appropriate deployment method to build safe and reliable recording environment.

high reliability

adopting multi-separation, centralized deployment solutions, and recording devices to provide n 1 storage backup strategies to meet the security of data storage for customers in industries such as high finance and telecommunications. each fulcrum can independently back up data to satisfy recording data. unified management, secure storage.

friendly interface, simple operation

the full range of recording products of the cloud recording system adopts a chinese-language visualized graphical
interface, which makes the system work status clear and easy to use.

easy to use

simply configuring the server address on the recorder to access the platform is simple and convenient.

real-time monitoring of the recording device's operating status, support for recording queries, playback, download, channel monitoring, abnormal monitoring.

supports diverse data statistics, and the real-time operation of the platform is clear at a glance.

supports various types of data report output.

features powerful

it supports various common recording functions and is flexible in configuration. it basically covers various requirements for recorders at present, and supports multi-users and multi-devices simultaneously accessing the platform.

support multi-user calls to play screen, pop up records on the computer in real time, and record customer information and communication records in a timely manner.

data backup
n 1 redundancy backup strategy is provided. the recorder supports 1 1 data backup locally. the platform can provide backup storage for the local data of the recorder. the n 1 mode ensures the reliable storage of recorded data.

the main function
support multi-user, multi-device, multi-regional unified management.

support real-time monitoring of equipment and check equipment operating status.

monitor calls in real time and view the line status.

the recording result can be queried according to various conditions, such as call time, channel, call duration, missed call, and other conditions to query the recording result.

automatically record the time of each call, incoming and outgoing calls, and call duration.

support recording online or download backup playback.

support different recording methods and parameters for each channel.

you can schedule recording time and make recording plans according to a specific time period.

support for exemption from the list settings, you can record according to the number of choices.

support operation log records, important operations can be queried.

recording file format wav.

recording encoding format alaw (64kbps), ulaw (64kbps), mp3 (8kbps), adpcm (32kbps).

multi-level rights management, opening different permissions to different accounts, making the recording data of the recorder more secure.

support call screen.

platform parameters

* note: the company's products will be upgraded from time to time, the product in kind prevail for each recorder to assign a fixed ip address, access the network, through the network to connect to the platform server address.

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