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mdl series
analog recording equipment
technical parameters
typical application
standalone supports analog/audio line recording of 8/16/32/64/128/256 channels.
redundant power supplies are supported, hot-swappable, and 2u and higher devices support dual power supplies and dual hard disks.
supports multiple speech encoding formats such as g.711, adpcm, gsm, and g.729a.
supports automatic gain adjustment (agc).
recording methods include voice control, pressure control, and code control.
supports fsk and dtmf two-mode caller id, and the receiving rate is not less than 99.9%.
supports dtmf monitoring.
supports real-time monitoring, audio output interface, real-time monitoring of calls.
support multi-channel mixed recording.
supports tone monitoring.
provide standard rj45 or db68 interface, with self-locking function, stable and reliable.
provides a secondary development programming interface to facilitate users to implement various recording and playback operations.
technical parameters
industry application:
transmission dispatch recording, production scheduling recording of various industries, and power dispatch recording. key position recording, complaint telephone recording, customer service center recording, flood alarm, public security alarm recording. agency assessment agencies, commercial telephone recordings, hotline telephone recordings, paging station recordings, and financial and securities recordings. security department telephone monitoring, prison interrogation intercom recording, bank savings window intercom recording. civil aviation traffic ticket window intercom recording, securities postal window intercom recording.
typical networking:
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