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pickup recorder
product description

the pickup recorder is a new-generation recording device developed by mingdao communication. the device comes with a linux system. it can realize telephone recording without the influence of computer viruses without another computer. the equipment is easy to install, easy to use, and powerful. it is widely used in public security alarm, security, power, finance, and traffic scheduling.

technical parameters
typical application
safe and stable
the system adopts the embedded architecture and comes with the linux system to avoid the effects of unstable factors such as computer crashes, viruses, and switches. the system is more secure and reliable.
easy to use
recorder architecture, ready to use when the device is powered on.
the device comes with its own web management program. the computer logs in to the device directly through the web and can view and manage the running status of the device. the computer does not require additional software.
recorder comes with wifi network, and supports mobile phone app access, mobile phone can log on to the recorder through the wifi network, no data traffic, check the recording situation at any time.
features powerful
support functions, configuration flexibility, basically covers the various needs of the recorder.
easy to install
with the company's audio converter to facilitate the pickup access.

poe power supply is supported, and power is supplied through the network cable. this eliminates the trouble and limitation of power supply and facilitates layout.

supports lcd display for easy maintenance and management.
with 32g storage, it can save 8000 hours recording time.
monitor calls in real time and view the line status.
the recording results can be queried according to various conditions, such as call time, channel, call duration, missed call, and other conditions to query the recording result.
automatically record the time of each call, incoming and outgoing calls, and call duration.
support recording online playback or download backup playback.
supports different recording methods and parameters for each channel.
you can schedule the recording time and schedule the recording according to a specific time period.
support for record-free list settings, you can record in accordance with the number of selective recording.
after the storage space reaches the preset value, an alarm can be generated and the old recording file can be automatically deleted and loop recording can be performed.
supports local and remote backup of recorded files. the recorded files can be uploaded to the storage server through ftp over the network.
support operation log records, important operations can be queried.
recording file format wav.
recording encoding format alaw (64kbps), ulaw (64kbps), mp3 (8kbps).
the network supports dhcp, static ip addresses and other methods to facilitate access to the network.
multi-level rights management, open different permissions for different accounts, so that the recorder's recording data more secure.

technical parameters

      each recorder allocates a fixed ip address, accesses the corporate network, and can access recording devices through any computer in the enterprise. direct web access without additional software. it can also be accessed via the phone's app. recorder comes with wifi network, mobile phone can be directly connected through wifi, without additional data traffic.

typical networking:
mdl4004 pickup recorder instructions.doc
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