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technical parameters
typical application
the board provides a maximum of 16 parallel processing capabilities for the phone and automatically provides different functions according to different modules.
caller id (cid) detection/send function, analog line supports dtmf and fsk modes.
parallel, automatic inbound and outbound calls, accurate incoming calls, silence detection, and accurate call analysis.
supports multiple formats of digital recording and playback functions.
dtmf transceiver is accurate, sensitivity adjustable, adapt to different lines and terminals.
provide standard fsk format data receiving and sending functions.
support conference function, which can realize multi-party conversation.
automatically detect the number and type of modules installed on the backplane.
through the ct-bus bus, mingda can connect with other types of voice cards to build applications of various sizes.
the built-in power connector on the card chassis can use the power supply of the chassis instead of the external bell current.
32-channel fax or voice-changing functions can be realized by extending the dsp. the fax channel supports t.30.
a1016p single card can install up to 8 4-wire modules and 2 dsp modules, on-board 1 relay digital signal processing capability, supports ss7 (isup&tup)/isdn (pri)/qsig/ss1, etc.; with ec function .
supports a full range of windows/linux operating systems. customers can flexibly facilitate application software development.
technical parameters
typical application:
(1) corporate and community call center systems; (2) outbound marketing and reminder fees; (3) e-government voice system; (4) various industry automatic response systems (ivr); (5) small and medium-sized enterprise telephone exchanges; (6) small and medium-sized enterprise teleconferencing system; (7) security monitoring automatic alarm system.
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