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mde series
signaling switching gateway
technical parameters
typical application
the mde series signaling gateway equipment can provide a maximum of 16e1 access, which can realize the 8e1 protocol mutual transmission.

supports different national standard 7 signaling (including tup and isup), isdn pri signaling (including q.sig signaling) and signaling 1 (including chinese no. 1 signaling, itu r2 and lineside, cas) convert to each other, each e1/t1 can be configured to support signaling without configuration, and each slot can support any signaling mode or data mode.

stand-alone support for 2-64e1/t1 interface can be flexibly configured according to user requirements, providing a gigabit network environment when the e1 capacity is large.
each time slot has recording and playback, conference processing, high-efficiency echo suppression, accurate detection of human/machine sound ringback tone, and hdlc communication capabilities.
supports secondary programming and development interfaces. through the secondary programming development interface, the output of all connection processes can be realized. the user can perform different applications such as voice broadcast conference, recording file output, data communication and traffic statistics, billing, and transfer.

support standard m3ua signaling interface, support network transmission of no. 7 signaling, and cluster applications that support isdn signaling.
provides rich call management functions, analyzes and controls the number of the called and called numbers, supports multiple call control modes and routing options, supports inter-room deduction or addition of codes, and custom-made special calling methods. intelligent route distribution and traffic sharing functions.
support remote control function, remote configuration and maintenance, monitoring management, real-time and complete maintenance observation means, real-time tracking and reporting of call status, open/closed status and connection status of all sessions, and various abnormal conditions are recorded and alarmed.

supports web management. you can configure and manage the device through web.
technical parameters

industry application:

1) enterprise or call center protocol conversion application, no. 7 signaling access.

2) corporate ring back tone system.

3) ussd service network.

4) aaa authentication (radius) authentication system.

5) voice encryption service system.

network diagram:

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