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       with the continuous expansion of the scale of the company, there are more and more branch offices, business trips are increasingly frequent business trips, and the company communicates with customers and internal employees how to get rid of the limitations of time and region, and conduct company management and communication? how can we easily access the communication-free office atmosphere?

       from the perspective of a company’s mobile office requirements, the most important is a recording system that is accessible, has a large number of office functions, and can effectively count and centralize all call records:

1. telephone recording can improve the enterprise telephone management system.

2. record, track and manage the business expressed by the customer's call.

3. effective management and statistical analysis of problems reported by customers.

4. record each call for future business tracking to do the basis.

5. when the phone orders are busy, you can listen to the call at any time.

6. real-time recording allows your phone business to avoid speaking without proof.

7. legal evidence may be given in the event of a business dispute.

8. inspect the utilization rate of enterprise telephone and human resources.

9. solve the phone may be busy and miss business opportunities.

10. a comprehensive survey of employees' work ability, business level, and telephone etiquette specifications.

11. reduce the company's telephone bills, trace the contents of large bills.

12. long-term preservation of call records to prevent employees from leaving the company lost their customers.

       medou mdr series digital trunk recording equipment (hereinafter abbreviated as mdr) provides link signaling collection function and supports the collection of signaling protocols such as mtp2 and hdlc. it can monitor up to 32 channels of e1/t1/j1 d channels and associated b channels. mdr is mainly applicable to digital trunk line network recording management environment, and is designed for the application of standard e1/t1/j1 telephone recording monitoring system.

       the system is highly stable and reliable. users can query, play, and monitor the device through the network settings. open design, providing secondary development programming interface. through the tcp/ip quadratic programming interface, it can realize different applications such as multi-machine backup of recording data, account management, web browsing management, recording and playback of audio files.

product specification


supports linux operating system.

the stand-alone system supports 64e1 recording and provides 128e1 interface.

support signaling such as no.7, no.1 and isdn, and can be flexibly configured according to user requirements.

supports multiple voice compression formats such as adpcm, pcm, gsm, g.729a, etc. provide high compression rate, the current system maximum compression rate 1kb/s.

the system has an automatic synchronization and dual backup function to effectively provide voice data security.

can completely detect and record all outgoing calls and caller id numbers.

the direction of discrimination, you can determine the direction of the call, such as incoming or outgoing.

supports unified network management.

through the network development interface, it is possible to query and play recording files according to channel number, time, telephone number, call duration, call remarks, operators, and other combinations of conditions, support various development platforms, and perform effective information exchange with other systems.

the device can automatically alarm for errors, operation overrides, or insufficient hard disk storage. it is equipped with multiple network interfaces to ensure smooth data transmission and support remote maintenance and upgrade.

scope of application

scope of application: service hotline telephone recording, complaint telephone recording, call center recording, bank staff recording, insurance industry and corporate office recording, electricity, court, railway, transportation, aviation, hotel, mining scheduling recording, public security alarm telephone recording.

typical application

(1) enterprise office phone e1 trunk recording.

(2) large-scale industry call center e1 trunk recording.

technical parameters

basic parameters

input impedance: 75ω/120ω

input power: 200v~240v

maximum power consumption: ≤300w

physical parameters

size:(1u)438*285*45mm      (4u)630*330*555m

number of interfaces: 2-32

capacity: 1-64e1

e1 interface: rj48

network interface: 10m/100m/1000m network port

data interface: rs232 (db9)

software specification

signaling support: ss7 (isup, tup), isdn, q.sig, r2

recording compression rate: 1kbit/s

speech coding: g.711 a_law, μ_law, gsm, adpcm, gc8, g.729a

clock source provides: e1 line extraction

operating environment

operating system: linux: ubuntu9.04server, 2.6.28-11-server,windows

grounding resistance: ≤ 0.5ω (joint grounding method)

temperature: 0°c~70°c

relative humidity: 5% to 80% (non-condensing)

safety protection: lightning protection: level 4

storage environment

temperature: -40°c~ 70°c

relative humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)

improve efficiency, work smarter, manage business easier, is your business ready?


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