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project overview:

overall demand: a hospital has 200 rooms in total, and recording system is required in each room.

1. there are multiple medou recorders to be deployed in the machine room. medou recorders can be selected from 4, 8, 16, and 32 channels according to the number of channels. customers can flexibly choose on the basis of actual situation;

2. a pickup will be installed in each room, and be connected to the audio adapter to realize real-time recording in the machine room;

3. a set of centralized recording management software will be deployed to uniformly manage the pickup recorders in all rooms.

system list:

32-channel recorder
one channel supports recording of 32 pickups

audio adapter
13one adapter supports the access of 16 pickups

pickup recording network diagram:

network explanation:

1. the audio adapter is an active device. on the one hand, the pickup is connected to the recorder to make the wiring good looking. on the other hand, it provides 12v dc power supply for the pickup.

wiring sequence: the red, black and white of the pickup are connected to the sockets marked with " ", "-" and "in" of the audio adapter respectively.

2. the rj11 port corresponding to the audio adapter and the rj11 recording port corresponding to the recorder are ready to be connected.

3. finally, power on the recorder and audio adapter.

solution explanation:

1. extension rooms:

4/8/16/32-channel pickup recorders are used to record the voice of each room. the data is stored on the local hard disk through voice compression, and the system hard disk and files are managed;

2. control center:

platform centralized management server: manages all pickup recorders, and has the management functions of the entire recording platform, including viewing the working status of the lines, setting system parameters, checking and playing recording files, statement and statistics, rights management, and real-time monitoring.

storage backup server: provides synchronous backup and regular backup functions, and realizes simultaneous voice/data transfer or regular transfer according to a set schedule to prevent the risk of loss of recording data due to equipment failure at the business outlets.

through the construction of the pickup recording system, the service quality of each link of the hospital has been greatly improved, thereby enhancing the image of the hospital and realizing a smoother communication between the hospital and patients.

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